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1) First time gentlemen: If we haven’t met, screening is required via booking form, email, or text.  Please understand that this is for my safety, and is standard protocol. Any information you provide is kept strictly private, never divulged, and confidentiality is guaranteed. See booking page for details. 

No screen = No see.


2) Inappropriate language or sexual references will immediately result in you being blocked.


3) Personal hygiene, grooming, and cleanliness are expected and extremely important!


4) Drugs are never tolerated.  I do not use them nor do I want them around me.


5) Donations should be in an unsealed envelope and placed on the table at the beginning of our date.


6) Wardrobe requests are welcome after screening, with notice. I will definitely do my best to accommodate!



"Be with those that bring out the BEST in you."







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